B&S Metallbe- und -verarbeitungs GmbH
Am Windberg 9
D-08297 Zwönitz

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CNC Turning

We manufacture for you on modern automated CNC machines in the bar range of up to 65 mm; the automatic insertion machines are supported by robotic loading and pickup stations.
We offer you a wide range of machining services in diameters from 8 mm to 400 mm. For batch sizes between 50 and 10,000 pieces, our offers are particularly attractive for you.

CNC Milling

With our four-axis milling centres we are capable of machining in two working areas (600 mm x 400 mm x 500 mm).

Complementary Technologies

We supplement our core manufacturing fields of turning and milling with the technologies of broaching, gear cutting and slotting, thus enabling the complete machining of your workpieces.

Surface Treatments

The long-standing cooperation with certified business partners allows us to offer any kind of surface treatment, as well as various hardening processes from one single source.

Assembly of Subassemblies

At B&S, we also fit subassemblies according to your individual requirements.

Materials and Procurement

We machine all common materials, for example bar stock, castings or forgings for you. Even difficult-to-machine materials are no problem for B&S. For our customers, we provide the favoured solution.
Our purchasing department is in contact with the global procurement markets - another advantage for you as a customer.

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